Sisters by Choice by Susan Mallery

Hi Lovelies

A review for my blog today from one of my all time favourite romance authors, Susan Mallery. Sisters by Choice is a book that warms your heart and also makes you shout for glee when the women find their happiness by being strong and supporting one another.

Many thanks to Mills and Boon UK for sending me an eARC of this book via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions on this review are my own.

On with the review!


Title: Sisters by Choice

Author: Susan Mallery

Publisher: Mills and Boon

Published: 11th February 2020

Pages: 400

Goodreads Blurb 

You Can’t Choose Your Family…

After her business empire goes up in flames, Sophie Lane returns home to Blackberry Island, determined to rebuild. But until she can learn to let go of the past and embrace change she will never be free to reach for the happiness and love that have eluded her for so long.

Kristine has become defined by her relationship to others. She’s a wife, a mum, and as much as she adores her husband and sons, she wants something for herself—a sweet little bakery just off the waterfront. She knew changing the rules wouldn’t be easy, but she never imagined she might have to choose between her marriage and her dreams.

Like the mainland on the horizon, Heather’s goals seem beyond her grasp. Every time she manages to save any money, her mother has another crisis. Can Heather break free, or will she be trapped in this tiny life forever?

Together over one summer these three cousins learn how the bonds of family and friendship can see us through even the most difficult of times.

My Thoughts 

Reading a contemporary romance always brightens my day and one by Susan Mallery always cheers me up. This one was slightly different to the ones I normally read by her but still very enjoyable read.

This book follows three female  cousins, Sophie, Kristine and Heather. They are all completely different and are also at different paths in their lives.

Sophie, is the big business woman, she owns her own business and she has been burnt out by people more often that not. She is a control freak and struggles to let go. Throw in sexy Thai Chi instructor Dugan and he makes her rethink a few things. Is she able to let go and allow others to make her business thrive or is she going to keep poking her nose in?

Kristine is a mother of three boys and wife to Jaxson. The thing is her being a mum isn’t fulfilling all her dreams anymore. She wants to lease the bakery in town and make her small business she has running out of her kitchen bigger and better. Problem is her husband isn’t too keen and trouble is ahead for this couple.

Heather is the youngest cousins at 20. Her mother Amber is someone that always find things to moan about. She is never happy and Heather has been putting he own happiness aside for the sake of her. Well not anymore.

Sophie returns to Blackberry Island with her business and the cousins start to see more of each other. They support one another through the ups and downs and find strength not only together but for themselves.

The concept of family is what made this book appeal to me, I am a big believer in family and supporting one another and this defintely showed that. The females in the book were all going through their own hardships but when support was needed they were their for one another.

I really enjoyed this book. It wasn’t as good as others of Susan Mallory’s books but still thoroughly enjoyable. I liked Kristine’s character the best and her sass As well as her strength. I feel that If it was more focused on one of the females rather than all three we would have appreciated the characters more especially Sophie’s story!

I still thoroughly enjoyed the story the characters and the sexiness that is Dugan. Also the bonus was the cat’s!


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