Bookish Unread

Hi Lovelies

Today is a little different as I wanted to introduce to you a new hashtag that I and Beth from Talesofaliteraryaddict from Instagram created.

SO the pair of us talk everyday, we are obsessed with reading, books, bookish merch and our TBRs. We moan to each other everyday about them, the thing is we kept buying more books and then not reading the ones that we owned.

To tackle our toppling TBRs we came up with #Bookishunread – that’s right we created a hashtag. The purpose of this is to try and tackle the beasts that is our TBRs, to get them down to a more manageable level.

With that in mind we didn’t just want to randomly pick books off of our TBR – this is when we came up with Categories for #Bookishunread. There are five in total and from that we pick a book each, our small tbr would then be five books in total and you can mood read from this.

I can hear you calling, STEPH WHAT ARE THE CATEGORIES.. so here they are!

#Bookishunread Categories 

  1. Book that’s been on your shelf for over a year.

  2. New Release.

  3. Book from a series you need to finish.

  4. Book Box Book

  5. Arc/Review/NetGalley Book

Sound like fun? I’d love for you to take part, please use the hashtag, tag me and Beth in your posts as we would love to see what you are reading!

And before I go here is my current #bookishunread tbr!





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