Hi Lovelies

So who here loves bookmail? If you didn’t know what it means (I’m sure you all do) it’s when is booknerds get books through the post… so ta da Bookmail!

I have to say I get VERY happy when I have bookmail. Normally my bookmail consists of Subscription boxes that I have ordered. I love coming home to a bright blue box (Book Box Club), a Bright Yellow one (Illumicrate) or a Brown one with an Owl on (Owlcrate). These bring joy to my month and the goodies and books inside make it even more exciting.

I also love when I purchase books or have pre-ordered one and it arrives on my doorstep! The brown/white envelopes bring so much joy to my little heart!

Ok let’s move on to the most exciting pieces of bookmail that I get and that is from Publishers. When I see an envelope from the publishers I do a little happy dance and sometimes squeal a little. This is usually when they send me some AMAZING books to read and review. On the odd occasion it’s a highly anticipated book that I will do my happy dance and thank the book faeries that have sent them to me!


So there is my post for the day a random post about bookmail 😍

8 thoughts on “Bookmail!”

    1. It is crazy shipping from the US however we do have Illumicrate (which is awesome) Book Box Club (another amazing box) and Fairyloot in the UK I’d definitely give them a go

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