Hi everyone if you have got this far I thank you as it’s taking me forever to set this page up! Nothing is ever simple!!!

Little about me, my name is Steph and I’m from the U.K. and a lover of all things literature. To be blunt I love to read and if I didn’t have to work I would read all day everyday, but alas, I need to work to fund my habit of buying books.

I have an Instagram and Twitter account where I post and rave about books and bookish merchandise that I own. I also represent several awesome companies through IG where I receive items to promote I also purchase my own items and will inform you on my posts about this. I have been going strong on IG for nearly two years but thought that I would branch out and write detailed reviews of books I have read on a blog and get your thoughts and feelings also. So please don’t be shy and drop a comment!

Review Requests

I am also open to receiving and reviewing books from authors and publishers. I would add that I work fulltime alongside running my blog, IG and twitter account (I also like to try and read in between all this)

I am open to all books and read ARCs in paperback, hardback and eBook (kindle) formats. I will provide an honest review and promote it on all of my accounts including Goodreads and Amazon.

If you would like to me to read and review your book just click and contact me through my Blog or one of my other social media programmes.

Enough about me now I have to sort out what a widget is 🤔

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