Six For Sunday – Bookish Resolutions

Hi Lovelies

Back with another Six for Sunday post, this week I am excited for as its talking about Bookish Resolutions. If you have read it (if not go read it), you would have seen on January 1st 2022, I made some Bookish Goals – I didn’t name them resolutions as I knew that I wouldn’t stick to them!

But before I get into my Bookish Resolutions let me tell you about Six for Sunday and where it originates from.

Six for Sunday was created by Steph over at A Little But A Lot A weekly prompt to shout out our six faves on a certain topic. You can also check out Steph’s blog for prompts in the future if you are like me and like to know ahead. You can find the prompts here.

Bookish Resolutions

  1. To read the books I own – This is a massive one for me this year. I have around 600 unread books on my shelves, and yes I know I won’t be able to read 600 books in 2022 but I would like to get this down by at least 100.
  2. To finish Book Series that I have started and not finished – another bog one for me, I have a habit of starting a book series and not finishing it!
  3. To read Throne of Glass from start to finish – a weird one I know but my gosh it has been on my shelves for YEARS and I still haven’t managed to read them all.
  4. Unhaul more books! I can hear you all gasp at this one but with books I don’t enjoy or ones that I am no longer interested in I want to unhaul. I feel this will help lighten the load of my shelves and actually allow me to enjoy my books more!
  5. To DNF (Did not Finish) books I am not enjoying. Life is too short, and if you look at resolution number 1 you can see why I have to be more ruthless.
  6. Spend less on books and bookish merch, 2022 is a tough year for me, with family illnesses and other things in the pipeline I need to make sure that I am spending my money wisely and by not spending unnecessarily is a big thing for me!

That’s is that is my six bookish resolutions, I have no idea if I am going to stick to it but I can only try. Wish me luck!

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