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It’s Been a Hot Minute..

Hi Lovelies

Well its been a hot minute again since I last posted, to be exact the last post I did was the 16th April, it was a review for a book I really enjoyed. I did however lose my mojo again for blogging, it comes in waves and I think most people are like that.

Why I haven’t been around.

So I don’t normally do personal things on my social media as you know I like to have a little bit of mystery however I am trying to be more open and honest.

I stopped blogging as my Mental Health took a bit of a nosedive towards the end of March. I am usually a strong person but with the last year things took it toll on me and I was spiralling and not doing too well. Working in Mental Health Services myself I ignored the signs and carried on until my brain just didn’t want to function anymore. I kept on blogging until I just couldn’t anymore. I kept up my Instagram account as its easy to just snap a photo and write a caption but even that took its toll on me.

I have made the decision to step back from Social Media. I am going to keep blogging but want to only do 3/4 posts a week on here. I haven’t a massive following on here so I don’t think it makes much of a difference but I still want to post my reviews of some excellent books I read in April and boy did I read a few – I will do a wrap up!

Why am I posting this?

So the question is why am I letting you know? Its just so that if anyone reads this and is feeling a little low, or that they are just not being able to cope then be kind to yourself. Take the time you need to heal, reach out to others, reach out to professionals. And always my Social Media platforms are a safe place.

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