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Bloomsbury Night In with Tandem Collective

Hi Lovelies

If you hadn’t seen it all over Social Media on Thursday night on subsequently the nights after I attended the Bloomsbury Night In hosted by Tandem Collective UK. This event took place in the UK and was an online event where we as Bloggers heard about some exciting releases that are coming from Bloomsbury this Spring.

The lovely people at Tandem Collective UK sent out an email and offered up spaces, and a lucky few of us received some fabulous surprise boxes in the post and I was one of the lucky few. Inside the box (which was quite large) was five proofs and some snacks and drinks.

On the night of the event we set ourselves virtually and listened some amazing authors tell us about their books, what influenced them in writing the books, what they were about and just general chit chat. The host Sarah Shaffi was great and asked some excellent questions and I found out more about the books being released.

But I know what you want to see the books they spoke about! I will drop them below but before I start I also wanted to say in the box we also had a Can of drink from Dalstons, a chocolate bar from Montezuma’s, a snack box from Snackfully UK and a face mask from Up Circle Beauty. Massive thank you to these companies for the gifts in the box.

Right on with the books!

There were five, yes FIVE, proofs inside the massive box that arrived, and I have to say the ones I was given I am so excited for. There were however eight books in total that was spoken about and I have added them all below.

No One is Talking about this

by Patricia Lockwood

Publishing: 16th February 2021

Goodreads Blurb here.

The Other Black Girl

by Zakiya Dalila Harris

Publishing: 16th June 2021

Goodreads Blurb here.

A Net for Small Fishes

by Lucy Jago

Publishing: 11th February 2021

Goodreads Blurb here.

Greenwich Park

by Katherine Faulkner

Publishing: 15th April 2021

Goodreads Blurb here.

The Kingdoms

by Natasha Pulley

Publishing: 25th May 2021

Goodreads Blurb here.

Bright Burning Things

by Lisa Harding

Publishing: 4th March 2021

Goodreads Blurb here.

I Couldn’t Love you More

by Esther Freud

Publishing: 15th June 2021

Goodreads Blurb here.


by Lisa Taddeo

Publishing: 22nd July 2021

Goodreads Blurb here.

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