Would You Rather Tag!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I was tagged by the lovely Amy from amysbookishlife to do the Would You Rather Tag. I love these kind of Tags so I’m excited for you to see the questions that Amy has asked me and to ask you readers my questions.

The Rules

  1. Answer the questions given to you by your nominator.
  2.  Make your own questions and tag others.

Would You Rather Questions from Amy 

Would you rather read a book where the page was missing or a book where the author doesn’t know the difference between, there, their and they’re?

Do you know what I would read the book where the author doesn’t know the difference between there, their and they’re. I can read a book with spelling mistakes and grammatic errors and my brain will change it. I WOULD NOT be able to carry on without a page in the book, what if important

Would you rather have dinner with your favourite author or favourite character?

AHHH this is such a difficult question to answer! I have been very lucky to have had brunch with one of my favourite authors. So I would say I’d love to have dinner with my favourite character.

Would you rather be in a fantasy book or dystopian book?

I would 100% love to be in a fantasy book!

Would you rather wait five years for the final instalment in a series or get it now, but must read every spoiler before you can start reading it?

Well lets be honest I have been waiting a few years now for the final instalment of the Ember in the Ashes series. SO my answer would be I would rather wait 5 years for the final instalment.

Would you rather read a book with no page numbers or no chapter numbers?

So I have read books with no chapter numbers so I would pick this as I like to see what page I am on.

Would rather live in your favourite fictional world for a day or be able to visit that fictional world whenever you want but only as an observer?

Definitely visit my favourite fictional world whenever I want as an observer. Means I can live vicariously through the characters which I do by reading the books.

Would you rather read a novel based on a true story of someone you know or a fictional novel where a character is based on you?

Oooo I would love to have a character based on me. It would be a very boring character but you know what it would be fun to see how someone sees me.

Would you rather volunteer as tribute for someone you love in the Hunger Games or have someone you love volunteer to take your place?

I would volunteer as a tribute in the Hunger Games. I mean its a bit mean isn’t it making someone I love take my place a bit mean.

Would you rather owned a signed edition or a first edition?

Signed Edition all the way. I love them when they are signed and personalised.

Would you rather only read your favourite genre for the rest of your life or every genre but your favourite?

I would rather read my favourite genre for the rest of my life. There are so many sub genres within it I could get away with it!


My Questions 

  1.  Would you rather read eBooks or listen to Audiobooks?

  2. Would you rather work in a library or within a bookshop?

  3. Would you rather read a 1000 page book or a 300 page one?

  4. Would you rather see your favourite character die or never be happy?

  5.  Would you rather read the last page of the book and spoil yourself or be spoilt by others?

  6. Would you rather be in your favourite book or the tv/movie adaptation?

  7.  Would you rather be team Rhysand or team Tamlin?

  8.  Would you rather read only 500 page books or 300 page books?

  9. Would you rather only ever read one author for the rest of your life or multiple authors?

  10. Would you rather be a Weasley or a Malfoy?


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