We Are the Dead by Mike Shackle

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Today I have for you a delight of a book in the form of Blood, Gore, Fighting and Saving the world in Mike Shackle’s amazing adult fantasy book We Are the Dead. I mean if the title doesn’t hook you in already then keep reading!

Thank you to Gollancz for having me along on the Blog Tour and for sending me the book to read and review. All thoughts and Opinions on this blog post are my own.

Also don’t take my word for the awesomeness of this book head on over to some of the other bloggers reviewing the book to get their views…

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Title: We Are the Dead

Author: Mike Shackle

Publisher: Gollancz

Pages: 488

Published: 8th August 2019

Goodreads Blurb 

The war is over. The enemy won. Now it’s time to fight back.

For generations, the people of Jia – a land where magic has long since faded from the world, clinging on in only a few rare individuals – have been protected from the northern Egril hordes by their warrior caste, but their enemy has not been idle. They have rediscovered magic and use it to launch an overwhelming surprise attack. An invasion has begun.

And in moments, the war is over. Resistance is quashed. Kings and city leaders are barricaded in their homes awaiting banishment and execution, the warriors are massacred, and a helpless people submit to the brutality of Egril rule.

Jia’s heroes have failed it. They are all gone. And yet… there is still hope. Soon the fate of the kingdom will fall into the hands of a schoolboy terrorist, a crippled Shulka warrior and his wheelchair bound son, a single mother desperate enough to do anything she can to protect her baby… and Tinnstra, disgraced daughter of the Shulka’s greatest leader, who now lies dead by Egril hands.

A brand new epic fantasy: gritty and modern featuring a unique ensemble of characters who will lead a revolution against their overlords.

My Thoughts 


This is one of the best Adult Fantasy books I have read EVER. I mean wow, from page 1 it was all action and gore, which I happen to love in a book like this. I was hooked and Mike Shackle has created such an intense world that I was literally turning the pages quicker than I could read them.

His world building was so well done I felt that I could close my eyes and picture the world, smell the burning buildings and flesh (sorry for those who are squeamish). I am literally struggling to put into words how well written, executed and just wow this book was. The way he has created a new world with different fractions of religion and way of living is done seamlessly and the way he has created these faceless enemy just brings a little joy to my black heart! I want to explore more about the Shulka and their way of life but also the magic that is hinted at throughout the story. I also can’t wait to meet more Egril

Mike Shackle has created a brand new world with magic that has all but disappeared, a world that was divided between the Jian’s and the Ergil’s The book follows several peoples journeys through the rebellion to fight back and gain control of their country. It shows the resilience of the people of Jia and how they try and fight back. I found the different points of view enlightening and an added extra bonus to the book as they are all fighting different fights.

The characters were my favourite part of this book. You had Tinnstra who thought that she was unworthy due to being fearful, I found that her character development was one of my favourites. She knew from the start that even though she was a gifted fighter she was not brave enough to be part of the Shulka. Her bravery however was put to the test when brought into the troubles by her brother Beris and her constant fear was palpable in the book. As I said she was my favourite out of all the characters.

Jax the ex-Shulka is another firm favourite, he is trying to save a sinking ship by getting all the Shulka together to fight back against the Ergil. His determination is strong and I feel for him when at the end the Ergil break him (Spoiler)

Dren is probably my least favourite of the characters, he is a cocky yet grieving and upset young man. He has lost everything within the War, his parents, his home and his life. He causes chaos wherever he goes and is wanting to hurt everyone around him even if it is civilians. His Character development is probably the most profound and I do like that he grows at the end and he has to make some hard choices.

LEts talk evil Villain here… that’s right its Darus… I mean he is one evil Blonde dude let me tell you. He is all for his God and leader which is fine but to enjoy inflicting pain is not cool! Mike Shackle has created a perfect evil general in Darus and some part of me liked him for having sarcastic thoughts about killing his sister but boy oh boy was he evil!

This was an EPIC Fantasy read and I loved it from start to finish. It was fast paced to me throughout and had the right amount of action and sensitivity throughout. I can’t wait to finish the story with The Shulka and Jian.


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