Shadowscent: The Darkest Bloom by P.M. Freestone

Hey Booksta bloggers (and others who visitors I love you too!)

Happy Publication day to P.M. Freestone with her debut book Shadowscent a spellbinding and captivating book that will keep you gripped from start to finish.

Thank you to Scholastic UK for sending me this book for free to read and review and showcase the gorgeous cover on my media platforms.

All thoughts and opinions are my own.

shadowscentAuthor: P.M. Freestone

Title: Shadowscent – The Darkest Bloom

Publisher: Scholastic UK

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

Pages: 448

Published: 7th February 2019



In the empire of Aramtesh, scent has power.

When disaster strikes and the crown prince lies poisoned, long suppressed rivalries threaten to blow the empire apart. It’s up to a poor village girl with a talent for fragrances and the prince’s loyal bodyguard to find an antidote.

To succeed, the pair must uncover secrets – cryptic, ancient tales as well as buried truths from their own pasts – in an adventure that will ignite your senses.


Wow just wow.

A well written fantasy book with a historical element that I found intriguing and page turning.

Rakel the main female character wants to become an apprentice Perfumer and definitely had the nose for it however it’s not meant to be and she is set on a journey that she was not expecting.

Ash is the First Princes Shield – protector to him and loyal friend but tragedy strikes when the First Prince is poisoned and he has to pick between staying by his side or finding the cure.

Rakel and Ash find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time but together they work to find the cure to save the First Prince Nisai however this comes at a heavy cost!

I LOVED the character Rakel, she was strong, sassy and wanting to help those she loves in particular her father. However secrets kept from her about her mother set her on a different course to the one she thought she was going to take.

Ash I liked but found him harder to relate to however the last few chapters he redeemed himself and found that I like him more.

This book was a great fantasy read with elements of magic and I liked the concept of Scent being a powerful element. The descriptions of the different places that make up Aramtesh is well written and even though you didn’t learn much from them (there are 5) I felt that if they were described in too much detail you would come away from the actual story being told. I can’t wait for the next book to find out about more of them and their traditions.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I want to thank Scholastic UK again for sending me this book for free to read and review.

Happy Reading




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  1. ML says:

    It sounds very interesting and I’ll be adding it to my TBR. Although, the synopsis reminds me of another book, “Poison Study” I think it’s called, I haven’t read it, but it involves poison and I don’t know, this feels similar in a way

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bookslovereaders says:

      I’ve heard of Poison Study and actually own the books but haven’t read them yet


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